I have a cold! If there’s one thing I just cannot handle, a cold would be it! I can’t even tell you how many tissues i’ve gone through today, and my poor little nose is red raw!

Mike bought me 3L of oj – 1L which I have already downed – and I have 3 different types of cough lollies (anticol, butter menthol and vicks vapordrops!), but there is no quick fix (damn!)

I completely blame my cold on my (horrible) neighbour. He woke us up at 3:30am and kept us awake for 2 hours while he wallowed in the hallway outside our door (too drunk to open his door). What more can you expect of someone who falls down a flight of stairs with a vacuum cleaner ?! (yes – a vacuum cleaner)

Anyway – enough of my rant! Off to get some sleep

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