extra, extra, read all about it

News surrounds us everyday – be it global, national or just close to home. Many times people choose to ignore the news, which come to think of it, is not a bad thing. (have you watched any of the leading “news” shows here lately?)

Then there’s the news you hear that actually affects you. The news that shatters former beliefs and makes you realize that, without your consent, things have changed. Plans you had put into place and just expected to always be there are nowhere to be seen.
It’s all gone.

It’s a hurdle many of us reach in various stages of our life, but one that many don’t seem to overcome. They stand in front of it, looking up. To them it’s not a little wooden hurdle that can easily be broken through (memories of athletics 1999), it’s a wall. A giant, solid, red brick wall. Possibly even double layered, just to keep them out (of course?!).

part of the Berlin wall
It’s the moment it sinks in that you’re back to square one and you have to make your own way there… something that I find amusing, seeing as I had that logo plastered on every journal I owned throughout high school, and then rejected after working at the said store. 
In all seriousness, it was the one saying that always rang true to me, even if I did turn my back on it in the past few years. 
If you want to live your life the best way possible, you must make you own way there. Through the ups and downs and in-betweens… 
Nothing else will give you as much satisfaction.


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