Weekend Meanderings

So much happened this weekend, so instead of the flowery language, I think I’ll stick to (somewhat) point form and photos…

♥ Farmers market with all the hustle and bustle
♥ Delicious brekky
♥ Disappointing Art Deco exhibition!! (ok, this deserves more then point form! They have been advertising it like mad and we’ve been itching to go, but after forking out $22 I was left wanting to ask for my money back! I love art deco, but i definitely do not recommend going! Maybe go and check out the gift store, as the books in there have much a much better representation of art deco then this exhibition…big and sad thumbs down…)
♥ Sunday shopping and finding a lovely new dress!!!

♥ Mike interviewing Morgan Spurlock (or as I keep saying, Murgan Sporlock) for his podcast

♥ Amazing Melbourne street art! I’ve seen pictures and I’ve seen it in passing, but I’ve never stopped to really take it all in… I found some work by Fafi too!! ahhh I love Fafi!
♥ Drinks at the Forum Theatre…I found myself staring in awe at the ceiling almost the entire time we were there…

I love Melbourne xxx


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