Helloooo Spring!

Hellooooooo Spring!!

I must say, I’m still in shock that winter disappeared so quickly (although, in saying that – it was damn freeeeezing today!! and it looked like such a nice day! hehe), and I still find it hard to believe it’s already September!! 

Since Mike bought me an iphone for my birthday I’ve almost felt out of touch – internet wise that is! I didn’t touch my poor laptop for over a week, then when I finally did, it was only to pay bills for all of 5 minutes before shutting the lid and returning to the wonder that is my iphone!
As a result i’ve also neglected my wonderful obsessive photography!! I still have photos from weeks ago waiting patiently to be uploaded to my laptop! eeeeps!!
I’ve just been so amused by application like twinkle (the iphones version of twitter), sudoku and all of the wonderful free language guides!! It’s a pocketful of wonder I tell you!

Anyway, in true “spring” style, I turned our apartment upside down cleaning! The bedroom has quite literally been reversed (for the first time in 5 years!), but is still a work-in-progress! Photos will follow when we finally get the excess crap out! 🙂  
I think I’ll finally be able to have my little “retreat” at the one end of our bedroom (our rooms are huge!) – with a daybed, rug and little table for 2! 
Well, best get back to it
Happy spring cleaning to all

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