Must be Love!

photo: Femme Sud

I’m in LOVE with this bag!!! It almost leaves me speechless!

As a (somewhat) reformed diary-whore, it is the most lovely and perfect bag in the entire universe! I mean, instead of buying a new diary/notebook every second week, I could have this wonderful bag by my side 24/7! Ahhhh!! 

The price doesn’t even bother me, but the fact that I just spent $100 on my goorin dr. watson cord bag does….
This bag was a long-term lust. I was captivated the minute I saw it on my first day of work, but the $200 price tag was a bit much for a bag I wasn’t 100% on…
A year down the track and a wonderful 50% off the price made me impulsively buy (even though i spent the entire weekend talking myself out of it!!) and then immediately regret 😦 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful bag and I do adore it, but I think I preferred lusting over it! It’s just a bit too big for a carry-on, and a bit too small to use as checked in luggage…

But the diary clutch from Femme Sud is just LOVE in a bag!!! I first spotted it in the lovely Gala Darling’s pretty little clutches and after some quick googling, found it here!

If only i’d seen this before my birthday! It would have been at the top of my wish list (ok, maybe second behind my iphone! hehehe)

much (bag) love xxx


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