Girls Night Out

For the first time in I don’t know when, I hit the town with the girls! 🙂
We headed into the city and found our way to the Cartlon Club and omg it was amazing!!! There was almost too much to look at, amazing fuzzy wallpaper, fuzzy plants and more stuffed animals then you can poke a stick at! (and i don’t just mean toys…we’re talking taxidermy baybee! eeeeeps!)
We were seated beneath a giraffe (complete with bird perched on ear!), yet all I could think of was Harold from the Life Education Centre – you remember the crazy giraffe that talked and “educated” us when we were children?! LoL (hahaha harold has his own website now! hahaha)

It was a great night with great company (minus creepy guy in top right photo and the 2 guys who put on french accents to try and ask one of the girls out…?! Whatever happened to being yourself?!) and I can’t wait to head out again! yay xxx


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