I’m a complete photo-holic…

I take pics at nauseam and rarely ever delete any…as a result, i’ve accumulated thousands of photos in the past 5 years of my life! (thank god for digital cameras! Just imagine what my life was like when it was alllllll film! )
Now this obsessive photo-hoarding has caused my lovely laptop to be a bit on the slow side (as you would be if your entire hard drive was clogged full of photos), and after already losing my entire photo library and having a panic attack whilst Mike attempted to re-salvage them (another thank god!!) I thought that 2 back-ups were not enough.
No, this time what I needed was an online backup, something that I could access from anywhere…
So i opened a flickr account! After the first hour of uploading I realized that the basic flickr would not be enough, so I quickly updated to a pro account…

3 days later, i’ve uploaded over 2500 photos and nearly 4 years of my life…which is no mean feat (esp. when our internet connection keeps dropping in and out! rah!)
The amazing part has been seeing the transformation of my life in photos! I mean, you take photos, you store them away and then every now and then you glance at a few…but to go through every photo in chronological order is rather…astonishing! I guess you never realize the changes you’ve undergone until you see them all laid out in front of you…

I’m so happy right now! 🙂

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