Girls Night Out

Another wonderful girls night out (apart from me losing my ID!! wahhh!), so I thought i’d spare the words and stick to pictures! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Girls Night Out

  1. Looks like you had a fab night! 😀 But awwww man, how did you lose your ID? (I just realised that question will probably win me ‘Dumb Questions of The Year’ award, haha, because of course if you knew, it wouldn’t be lost, right?!)

  2. +miss_corrine: was a great night! ahhh my ID!! such a pain! especially since I was only there for 2 hours and then i went home! I showed it at the door, and then instead of putting it in my wallet, I just chucked it in my clutch… :(So it’s dropped out somewhere…but all in all it was a great night! hehe xxx

  3. +miss_corrine: Thanks lovely! I think I should just get my act together and order myself a new ID! I kind of want to go in and get a new picture etc (seeing as mine was so old)…but that takes effort and I can be extremely lazy! hehe xx

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