Thursday Fun in the October Sun

My weekend has come early…or late, depending on how you think of things!

Since we had such a beautiful start to October, my step sister and her kids decided to come over to visit, and after a quick brunch we headed down to the beach for some fun!
Of course, the water was somewhat less inviting then one would first imagine, (it is only the beginning of spring!) but that didn’t stop puppy! She is obsessed with the beach, even though she is still unsure of how exactly doggy paddle works (she does strange jump/paddle/leaps…) all very cute if I may say so myself! 😉
Not so cute was the fact that I had her on a lead (a beagle loose on the beach is not a good thing), so her mad dashes into the water were followed by me struggling along behind her!
All in a day’s work!
Hope you enjoyed your thursday xxx


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