Daylight savings is here, bringing longer sunny says….

or rain and freezing wind if you’re in Melbourne?!!
It’s as if summer has disappeared off the horizon and another bitterly cold winter is upon us!
Our bathroom has turned into Siberia again (coldest room in the house), i’ve got the heater on, i’ve had to dig out my dressing gown and winter coats and my hands have turned into frosticles! (i’m not *really* complaining, as i’m a winter baby and I love it! 😉 but some consistency would be nice!)

Well, happy hump day! It’s my “weekend” of sorts, so I shall be relaxing and drinking even more coffee then usual (once I walk puppy that is!) Enjoy xxx

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  1. Oh, I can relate! Sydney weather has been crazy, too – one minute it’s 35 degrees, then two days later, I’ll be searching for my ugg boots because it’s so cold! Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

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