Whilst M was watching Geek Brief, I overheard host Cali Lewis talking about an application that I immediately was drawn too!
Poladroid is a free downloadable application (currently only available for macs, but I believe a windows version shall soon be available) that converts your photos into  trusty polaroids, and right on your desktop! 

If there are any fellow polaroid lovers out there, here is the perfect way to get polaroid-esque photos without the pricey and hard to come by polaroid film that is slowing disappearing.

It’s simple, all you do is pop on over to their website and download the application.
Once you open the app, an image of a polaroid camera will appear. Choose your image and then drag and drop into the polaroid labelled “drag and drop your picture here”.

I chose my fave image of pup and I

After a few seconds of “processing”, a blank polaroid will shoot out (polaroid sounds and all!). Be patient (as with a normal polaroid), shake if you feel the need, then watch in wonder as your picture develops…

Polaroid perfection!


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