Things I Love – Holiday Mode

How could I resist a Things I Love – Holiday Mode

•Having the choice to sleep in, but choosing early mornings
•Swimming – Ahh swimming, how I love thee! I grew up with a pool and after 6 years without, the need and urge is back! Being able to wake up and spend an hour swimming back and forth is amazing! So much love 🙂
•Mangoes – QLD mangoes just shit on the rest, seriously! We used to buy boxes of mangoes when I was a kid, and clearly I must still be a kid at heart – I’ve had a mango every day! Yummm
•Mini cupcakes – these little babies have always been a fave, but everyone in my family is now hooked (yay), so I get to smile and eat in happiness 🙂
•Shopping – this one is my most obvious, yet still a main part of my holiday mode loves! Maybe I should change my shopping attitude when I’m at home to reflect my holiday-shopping attitude of “it’s beautiful, I love it, I’ll take it” (this could prove problematic down the track hehe)
•Magazine joy – after spending a year working at a magazine store, I lost the urge to buy magazines 😦 Luckily a dose of bad weather was all I needed to head to a newsagent and find myself Lula and Frankie *swoon* I can never find Lula in Melbourne, so maybe I’ll do my mag shopping on the coast from now on!
•Family – I really miss seeing them all the time, so it’s always so much fun to come home and be able to hang out with everyone!

I’m sure there’s some sort of hurricane approaching – the wind is going gangbuster (hahaha I’ve never used that word in a sentance before, and I think I know why! LOL)
What’s rocking your world this weekend??

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