Travel Plans!!! :D :D

Hello Tokyo!! 🙂

Today I  finally booked the boy and I a trip to Tokyo!!!! 😀
I’ve been trying to book us bargain flights for months now, but as soon as I click the confirm button, a lovely little error message comes up telling me that my flights are no longer available 😦 Sad to say, I gave up 😦

That is, until I saw that Jetstar had an international sale on today! 
I quickly checked that the dates I wanted were available, and then happily snapped up 2 tickets for early next year!! 😀 Words can’t describe how happy this has made me 😀
I’ve been grinning ear to ear, and there have even been mini squealing fits in-between!

Now I have never been to Japan, and I really don’t know where to begin (ok, so I have been going through online travel guides for the past few hours…but that sums it up), so if anyone has any tips, hints and/or suggestions I would be SO thankful!! 🙂
Where did you go? What did you love? What have you heard? 
Tell, tell! 😀 


4 thoughts on “Travel Plans!!! :D :D

  1. AH, how exciting! 😀 That’s awesome, lovely – congratulations! I’ve never been to Tokyo so I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any tips, but I’m sure there are plenty of blogs/websites out there with tips – maybe Google it? xx

  2. i loved kyoto and nara, but because i wandered around like a lost puppy and found a lot of things by accident, i don’t remember exactly where anything is! my only advice is to use the subway, get off at most stops, and take a lonely planet with you – and you’ll find a lot of fun places! tokyo is incredibly easy to get around in :)i found you through gala’s blog, by the way :)have heaps of fun!

  3. +Sarah Von: Thanks Hun 🙂 hehe+Miss Corrine: Nice thinking! I found a couple of handy websites and downloadable guides 🙂 yay+Pony: wandering aimlessly is what I do best! Thanks for the tips Hun xxx

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