The Year of the Spring Cleaning

For me, 2008 has been the year of spring cleaning.

Not only have I de-cluttered my belongings, but in the process I’ve managed to de-clutter my life! 
This week alone has seen me throw out all 40 of my Real Living magazines (my prized collection that I seemed set on keeping for life!), half my collection of Lingerie Design books and 2 pairs of shoes that had not seen the light of day in over 5 years!!

I have given away close to 10 garbage bags full of clothing – over half of which was never worn and still had the price tags attached – as I know someone else will find a much better use of them, plus until now I was far too lazy to list anything on Ebay
Yet when I look at my wardrobe, there are still items I either have never worn, and by now I am slowly coming to the realization that I never will wear them… like the goth inspired TUK skull and crossbone platform heels that make me over 6 foot tall, or the very sassy cherries dress by Pin Up Girl Clothing…
Too beautiful to throw out, but a waste to be sitting un-loved in my cupboard…

So I believe a very thorough spring clean is needed – to fully de-clutter my life and start 2009 fresh and new (with an empty cupboard just waiting to be filled! hehe)

I’m guessing ebay is the way to go..? What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “The Year of the Spring Cleaning

  1. Great blog! Ebay is good, you get a few bucks for your junk and make someone else’s day! Just make sure you have correctly estimated the postage before you list so you don’t get caught out (like I did!) There are also swap sites if you want to give them away. Good luck with the rest of your clean out 🙂

  2. +Sarah Von: It’s my fave hobby behind collecting too much junk! 😉 and yes – it is lovely! xx+Sapphirejean: Thanks so much for the comment! The postage is the one thing I was kind of stuck on – i’ll just look online and guess-timate 😉 I hadn’t thought of swap sites – will check that one out! Thanks again xx

  3. ebay is a good solution, but it’s a pain in the ass to list everything on there. takes ages (or maybe i’m just impatient, lol).if you put stuff up for sale, let me know, i’d like to have a look 🙂

  4. +gemmabear: Yea – I think that’s why I’ve never listed on ebay before…I’m far too lazy! I get all excited, and after attempting to list one item i’m bored and end up giving everything away! LoL

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