Come to the Party

Broaden your horizons and
give yourself a dramatically new perspective on life.
Open it.
Leave an impression.
Come to the party…
About a month ago, Gem of Half Accidental wrote a post entitled Embrace Your Dark Side, where she shared her “dark” personality trait and the positive things she had learnt from it, and opened it up for others to do the same.
It got me thinking about my life and how for many years, my “dark” side and my “front” were so tightly entwined that I don’t think I ever knew the difference. 
I was loud, flirtatious, crass and kind of mad – all I did was write, dance and talk…non-stop! I would dance while talking on the phone, flirt with my neighbour over the fence and fill endless notebooks with my scribbles and poetry. 
I wrote stories with my friends as the lead characters, each story telling the friendships I had in my life at that point in time. I took hundreds of photos every time we went anywhere (this was in the days before digital cameras no less!), I rollerbladed for hours on end to clear my head, and I was known for being able to make anything seem dirty 😉
I’d sit up all night watching the stars, while telling my Grandpa how much I missed him… 😦
My clothing was very loud – usually something denim, something pink and multitudes of colourful bangles. I changed my hair every month, pierced my belly and tongue and stretched my ears (ouchh!), was the messiest creature on the planet, and had my mothers temper (multiplied!)
I had close friendships with the people around me and shared everything on my mind…
I was only ever called Cheray if I was in trouble….if I heard Cheray Natalie…well, not only would I be livid (as I hated the name Natalie), but I would be screwed!
Yet everyone I now work with calls me Cheray. 
Until recently, they believed I was a lovely thing who baked cookies on my time off and drank too much coffee. (While all of this is true, that was the extent to their “sum up” of me)
When they found out I wrote, they were shocked, and even more shocked when they heard the boy call me “Shay”…and when they overheard me flare up at the boss they were literally speechless!
I’m trying to figure out if this is something that has occurred either through my actions, or possibly, my in-action..?
How did I get to a point where the people that know me, don’t know me at all?


3 thoughts on “Come to the Party

  1. Great post – such an interesting question! 🙂 I’m not really sure what I would say my dark side is – when I was younger, I was definitely a feisty little thing, but I think that was just part of growing up 😀

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