Things that Brightened my Day! :D

Why hello! 😀

With my fabulous new Sunglasses!!
(don’t you love the horror posters in the background!)

I indulged in a mini shopping spree today, and managed to score some goodies to brighten my mood!

Sportsgirl “Dominique” sunnies… and with $10 off today, I was a very happy girl! 😉

2 of the loveliest bunches of pink lillies
I haven’t had fresh flowers around me in weeks and I do believe I’ve been suffering the consequences! I’m slightly obsessed, and I really do need some new vases to house them…

My gorgeous new black Fluxus jacket from Trash and Luxury
I’ve been eyeing this one off ever since I first stepped foot into the store… and the label has such an awesome saying on it:
“There is life
there is art
and in between is fashion”

The yummiest bubble-bath creator ever!!! 
My girlfriend gifted this Lush creation to me yesterday, which lifted my mood unbelievably! I’m a lover of baths, bubble and stars…and it was all moulded into this lovely little gem!
I used half of it and had the most bubbly bath EVER!! 😀
Not only that, but it was filled with tiny gold stars which swirled about, looking rather magical (although the stars are extremely pointy and can stab! hehehe)
What’s brightened your day today??

3 thoughts on “Things that Brightened my Day! :D

  1. Thanks Cecilie 🙂 Unfortunately it’s been raining even since I bought them, so I have been unable to rock them out! hehe :)The bad weather does mean that even though it’s supposed to be summer here in Australia, it’s cold enough for me to wear my new coat! 😀 yay xxx

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