Why don’t you…

…Buy yourself some flowers!

Fresh flowers are one of the most beautiful and widely available pick-me-ups around!

They’re cheap (or free if you’re lucky enough to have your own garden!), they look and smell beautiful, and they just make you feel damn special!
Sure it’s lovely when someone buys you flowers, but if it’s just self-pride stopping you from spoiling yourself…snap out of it!(and quick smart!)

Hop down to the closest florist, buy that bunch of flowers you’ve been eyeing off and proudly strut them back home (has anyone else noticed how envious other people look when they see you with a bunch of flowers?? We could rid the world of so much envy just by buying ourselves flowers! Seriously!)
Make sure you spend some time arranging them to your liking too! (There’s something so therapeutic about floral arranging…)

See how much better you feel already?! 😀

What flowers did you choose for yourself lovelies? xxx


8 thoughts on “Why don’t you…

  1. Today is my flower buying day and I’m picking up lillies, bluebells and plox. AND here’s an interesting tidbit my local florist told me. A few drops of bleach in the water keeps these kind of flowers going longer (you know the flowers that have the waxy sap when you chop the stem?). Not too much though – it shouldn’t froth or give off a bleachy smell. It works great – my lillies from 31 December are STILL going strong…!

  2. Annie: so beautiful! I remember picking the tiniest blue flowers when I was little! :)Dolcidoll: I’d read that somewhere but thought it was a typo! (and was worried i’d kill my lillies by over-bleaching! hah!) i need some new flowers…my roses have wilted due to the crazy heat! wahh! 😦

  3. That’s such a beautiful photo! 🙂 I just got home from a day out, so I don’t have any flowers in my posession, but I’m thinking tomorrow is the perfect day to buy some! 😀

  4. +Miss Corrine: Thanks lovely! Did you end up buying yourself any flowers?I tried, but with this intense heat we’ve been getting, they didn’t last very long :(I think i’ll wait till Valentines Day is over so I can get myself some pretties x

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