This Is Me – sleepy times

A mere 5 hours has passed since I arrived home, and already I’m feeling the post-travel blues! :S

More accurately, I’m completely worn out!

In the past 2 weeks my emotions have been on such a roller coaster that I don’t even know how I feel…
Death, grieving, loss, holidays, adventure, joy, tiredness and reconnecting have been mixed into an undecipherable ball and I’m at a loss of where to begin!

This blog was always intended for personal use – so I could get used to writing again, and finally rid myself of the fear of being “known”.
Writing under a pseudonym never sat well with me, and writing using my name gave me the same mixed bag of emotions.

I always prided myself on writing from the heart, knowing that although those around me may not agree with my ideas, but would respect that they are exactly that…my truths.

Maybe it was naivety that made me believe that could be a reality, so 7 years ago – I gave up. Everything I wrote became censored, marked private, for my eyes only…and really…what is the point?!

Even since starting this blog, I find myself holding back on so many topics and subjects…even toning down things I write as if to appease particular groups and their ideals.
I re-edit to the point of obscurity, until there is nothing left but a blank page and a blinking line.

Maybe this trip has opened my eyes to the world, but more importantly, to myself.
I will no longer re-edit.
What I write is what you get and I make no apologies.
This is me

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