It’s been a while…

My blogging self seems to have been on vacation for quite a while now…

I switched to my own domain for a few months, but since the program I used was based on a desktop computer that I rarely accessed, my blogging became somewhat rare too…

I even neglected my google reader…which screamed it’s 1000+ feeds waiting to be read at me when I was brave enough to check this morning! 😦

Not to mention the severe case of DTO (“Delayed-Twilight-Obsession”) I became afflicted with – putting me in a giddy teeny-like state for far too long (coughs….still…coughs)!

I decided to return back to the darkside of bogspot,with a cute new format and all my old posts…(although I’m still debating deleting them…I’m completely indecisive at the moment!)

So now begins another new chapter…of musings, photos, food an the random adventures encountered along the way! πŸ™‚

big love xxx

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