Adventures of Clumsy and Jimmy Who?

While visiting my folks up north, I did my usual and forgot to pack an everyday item that I would definitely need considering a week of wining, dining and shopping…my handbag!!(I do have a somewhat plausible excuse – I always fly with carry on luggage only, and my non-stylish and uber-bulky camera bag ends up winning the additional carry on item)

Of course, my Mama has more handbags then I can count, so she told me to pick one to use…

The first one I thought of was her Jimmy Choo! ❀

I swear, this bag is amazing! Apart from feeling like you are lugging around a bowling ball (when the bag is empty mind you!), it managed to fit my camera and bits and pieces without looking like a complete tourist carrying around my bulky “SONY” camera bag. Plus it matched my outfit (or more so, my outfit matched the bag!)
I was on edge though – I have a tendency to be rather clumsy, and the thought of dropping my thai green chicken curry or spilling a latte on this baby gave me shivers…

Of course, if Jimmy were my baby, this would be a very different (and very food/drink stained) Jimmy Choo story…


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