Hot Hot Heat

This un-ending heat wave is getting the better of me!
Yes, I am a winter baby and I have always preferred the cooler climates, but one would think that growing up in Queensland I would have grown used to humidity and all-round hot hot heat!
Alas, here I sit in my very old, un-airconditioned apartment melting for the 4th day and counting!

Making matters worse, we have samsung electricians here replacing our old (only 15months old!)tv with a brand new shiny one (SO I guess the fact that they’re here isn’t all that terrible…since we’ve been tv-less for over a week now!)…making our one bedroom apartment rather humid with 4 humans and one angry puppy.
Oh and I almost forgot, since we have said angry puppy, I have been moved into the sunroom to calm her. Yes. Sunroom. Angry puppy. Hot hot heat.

I never realised Melbourne summers could be so crazy…oh, but wait! It’s not even summer yet! Oi vey…

Let the madness begin



3 thoughts on “Hot Hot Heat

  1. hrm, my feed reader must've been messing up since I missed a whole bunch of your posts! including the one where you mentioned your mr. was in the hospital! i hope everything is okay, sweetie!! ❤ ❤

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