Sulky McSulks Continued

Oh hi there! Sulky McSulks here…
Hopefully I’ll be gone soon, as I’m sure i’m not very pleasant to be around!
I’ve managed to kick the crutches (not literally of course..!) as my physio (aka – lil bro) told me that the best way to shift the Avatar-esque swelling was to suck it up… and walk on it!! :S 
He also said to massage the bruise, but after one try I gave up on that option. Super ouch!! :S

 I used my new found freedom to get creative – making a Bon Voyage pressie for Debby-Legs (a cute little passport cover that I forgot to photograph!) with handmade tags…
 Once I had finished this, I decided to move onto my next project… turning old (damaged!) books into secret hidey-holes! 😀 😀
Night night xxx
 The last time I did this was in high school – where I used the books to hold all of my notes and letters so the teachers could never find them! hehehe
The offcuts are finding their own uses…in the form of handmade cards, gift tags and beautiful mini artworks for friends! 😀

It’s so exciting to actually be able to do things again! (even if I did get into trouble for lugging my heavy sewing machine around!) 
All of this fun and excitement really tired mini-McSulks out…she made herself quite at home on our bed!

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