April Fools No One…

With the first 3 months of 2010 already behind us, and my goals and to-do lists languishing on scrap pieces of paper scattered throughout various bags (…notebooks, desks, cupboards, floor…you know, wherever there is space, really!), I’ve decided the new home for such things shall be right here!
Not only will it make it easier for me to refer to it easily (and quickly – since most of the scrap pieces of paper end up lost or thrown away!), but I’ll be able to publicly hold myself accountable! Oh so serious, I know!
For the month of April, I shall…
 Go on walkies with this furry face!
Use this!
 Write at least 5 times a week
Have more Ikea Adventures!
 Listen to more music
 Get out of my postcode bubble…
 …and explore!
 Cook something new every week
Go dancing with the girls
 actually USE this!! (My poor poor gocco!)
 Take this everywhere
Make my favourite people get these with me
 Eat more of this
 Write a long overdue letter to this lovely lady
Finish this painting
 Learn how to do my hair
Sign up to Elsie and Rachel’s online art journal class
And spend more time with my most favourite person

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