New Beginnings

It may be the end of the month but it is definitely the start of new beginnings!
Today, for the first time in a long long time, I woke up before 7am! Now, I admit, this was helped greatly by the fact that Mike made me the most delicious coffee to coax me out of bed (literally – he brought the coffee and put it at the head of the bed so I could take a few sips before getting up! hahaha), but actually having time to eat breakfast, take pup for a walk and potter around the house before heading to work was incredible! 🙂
Most days, I snooze my alarm more times then I should, have half an hour to rush breakfast & a shower, before rushing to work still putting on my face! Not so fun!
I have a feeling I know what has a lot to do with this change…(apart from the coffee in bed and all…) and I am sooooo excited and thankful!! 
Here’s a hint…
More on that at a later date!
Goodbye April and Hello new beginnings…

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