Beautiful Mornings

Considering my severe lack of sleep (I remember being awake at 2:37am and having a conversation with the mister…but I woke myself up because I was talking? eeeeps!) there are no other words to describe my morning!
I got up at the super early (for me) time of 6:47am, giving me a whole 13 minutes to drink coffee and wake up before the first Tell Your Story class video chat began! 🙂  (It was soooo super cute – Rachel and Elsie are adorable and everyone in the class seems so lovely… but more of this in a separate post…)
Next on the list was walkies with pups, but instead of our usual street walk we ventured into the nearby park for a change of scenery…
I can’t believe I’ve never actually walked through this half of the park before (in 7 YEARS! What is wrong with me?!!)

 This theory was helped along by the fact that NOBODY else was around! It was completely still and untouched…heaven! 🙂
 Kerouac was in her element! So many new smells and sights to discover!

 And I was in mine…surrounded by silence and beauty and unfamiliar places, humming made up tunes aloud and whimsically wandering through this untapped place…
…my new favourite place…

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