Work has been relentless, and change has been lingering on my mind for a while, so I snapped up a bargain flight and headed up to Queensland to visit my folks (and to see Mum for Mothers Day, naturally!)
Not only were my winter coats, tights and boots completely unnecessary in the Queensland “fall” (note -all temperatures were in the 20’s unlike Melbourne being in single digits!!), but I had secret plans brewing…
Plans that took me from blonde and fringeless….

To brunette with mega bangs…. (and startled deer look!)

My poor Mama is still trying to get over the shock of it all (she doesn’t like it! hahaha), but I needed a change and I figured the best way was to start with my hair! 😉

Next up, lil bro suggested a nice walk on the beach…Though he forgot to mention the sun was setting, it was insanely windy and freezing…

…so I ended up looking like medusa! 😀
To change and beautiful sunsets…

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