Puppy Patchwork Quilt

I’m not actually sure how I managed to, but I finished the puppy quilt! (yes, the one I started all of 2 days ago!) Usually I start my projects and never ever finish them, so i’m happy to announce that it is both finished…

...and with a very happy customer! 
(maybe this will stop her from attempting to dig her way under our doona in the wee hours of the morning! Yes – our dog thinks she is a human!)

Next project – baby patchwork quilt! Hopefully I will have figured out how to sew in a straight line by the time that one is finished…
If anyway has any tips, please let me know! It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted making anything patchwork (unless you count the quilt I attempted to hand stitch when I was 9… I didn’t get further then a few squares before I got bored…thank goodness for sewing machines!) Yay 🙂

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