Monday Funday Find

This little baby might not look like much (dodgy photos and horrid lighting), but I couldn’t be more excited about her! 

I found her while helping the Misters folks do a mini clean up of their garage, and after being told I could take her, I had to sneak her into the boot (as the Mister said “No more junk!”…he also said that I now have to throw 3 items away since I’m bringing one thing in, but I’m ignoring that rule…)

(note – those aren’t brown stains over her, I’m just obsessed with my hipstamatic iPhone app)

I can’t wait to get her all cleaned up and re-upholstered!! 🙂 No more resting my feet on the coffee table…Yay!

And now it really is time for bed! Computer class is tomorrow and I’ll need to be armed with a decent coffee (or 3) to get through it!

Night xxx

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