pinch & a punch…

…for the first day of the month!
It’s the first day of winter down here in Melbourne, yet life is still springing up from the strangest places…

…like the corner of the roof next door…
(oh hi little plant type! fancy seeing you there!)

Happy June xxx

5 thoughts on “pinch & a punch…

  1. Janel – it is crazy!! Funnily enough, my dad is in the USA at the moment and it was snowing at Lake tahoe…in summer??! So odd! haha Thanks lovely xMelissa kaye – lovely to meet you! Thanks so much for the comment! Absolutely LOVE the name of your blog!! Coffee dreams is what i'm all about! πŸ™‚ xand lovely Lindsay – it's no problem at all doll! Hope all is well xxx

  2. awwww you seriously should invest in some washi tape, it will be your new obsession!!! Your comments have really been making me smile lately and I can't thank you enough!! You should get those tights and then post pics!!!!!!hugs!xoxo,Lindsay

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