All in a days work

I’m generally pretty good with my money…so I’m not sure what got a hold of me today to make me go as crazy as I have!


We did get our old coffee machine out of storage…and it is pure magic!! Words can’t quite express how amazing this baby works…eeeee!! πŸ™‚

So maybe not the water, maybe just the coffee high?

Anyway, I found myself beginning in the comfort of my own home (*coughs* uhh…bed…*coughs*) whenI noticed that Agent Provocateur had an online sale! Now last time I got some amazing knickers, so I thought I’d click on over and see what I could find…
…and find I did! 
Let’s just forgot that everything I purchased was in pounds and not aussie dollars and life will sound a whole lot cheerier! πŸ˜‰ Regardless, I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail! πŸ™‚

Next step was an almighty japanese feast with one of my lady loves
Delicious, no? 

We headed to visit some other favourite girls who were leaving notes everywhere about their excitement for our nights entertainment
yes…a cartoon Jacob Black πŸ˜‰ haha

But since this was lunch time and the movie was at 9:30, I had a lot of time to spare…

One of the above excited girls asked for my opinion on a pair of boots, so of course I agreed to tag along…
Pshh! Tag along! Who was I kidding??
I may have helped her choose her boots…but I followed by purchasing a pair myself…
 Followed by the loveliest pair of purple heels I’ve ever laid eyes on!
 Look! Frills!! πŸ™‚
 …followed by the highest black heels I now own!!
Oh, you thought I stopped there? Why no…I still had to walk past a handful of shops before making it safely home, and on that journey I found myself a lovely little nautical inspired dress! 

 Look how cute the buttons are??

So this is the tale of how I managed to go for a walk on my street and come back with arms full of goodies…all in under half an hour! :S

Oh – and did I mention I purchased one of Elsie’s commissioned paintings?
See!! All in a days work I guess…

6 thoughts on “All in a days work

  1. Yes I did!! I also bought a pair for my Mama (who has the most amazing shoe collection!) & my gf bought a pair too! haha :)and don't worry Teddi – I will most definitely post pics of the painting when I receive it πŸ™‚ yay x

  2. Your day of fabulous shoes, clothes and essential coffee is making me quite envious!! Going to have to venture out for coffee now. Unfortunately, none of the clothing stores near my house stock size 'whale' so I am stuck for new threads…! :0xo

  3. hahaha – not size whale, size hot-mama! ;)I'm sure I can find you some yummy-mummy stretchy clothing?? I'll see what I can find! :)Did you get your coffee??Miss you xxx

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