mashing & stumbling

Words have been escaping me of late…
I’m mashing them up and stumbling over them, but I just can’t seem to find my way up…

So until I find my feet, here’s a photo of my favourite place…
(note the small person running through the hedge – I completely missed that she had made it into the photo until I uploaded it! hehe)

What’s inspiring you this week my loves? 

6 thoughts on “mashing & stumbling

  1. painting on myselfthe sun setting in the northintellectual conversations with my Bostonian former suitemateeavesdroppingthe horizonemailing with my author friendrealizing that I can surround myself with more creative people if I want to

  2. Kaleena – Ahh! Isn't it frustrating?! xOh Julie I love autumn! The change of seasons is incredible! ❤ Can't wait to see your to do lists! xI'm so glad Jen! 🙂 I got your card in the mail the other day! 🙂 can't wait xThank you Juj – love you lady xxxI love your list Holly! Thank you for your lovely email. Your photos have been inspiring me lately xxx

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