august is for birthday wishlists

Happy August Friends! πŸ™‚

It’s somehow only one week till my birthday, and I’m not quite sure how it managed to creep up on me! (I only know this as my Mama reminded me yesterday! Eeeps!)

I’ll be 27 this year (even though I’ve capped my age at 25 in my mind hehe) & I honestly don’t have anything planned. Things are a little crazy at the moment so my mind is elsewhere… but how could I resist a little birthday wish list…

I would love…

lots of hugs
pretty washi tape (like lovely Lindsay’s collection! <3)
beautiful flowers
a lovely bubble bath
lots of coffee
yummy cupcakes ❀
lovely film and pretty cameras
even more yummies
pretty birthday pennants

…and spending time with my most favourite people…
big loves

7 thoughts on “august is for birthday wishlists

  1. Ahhhh Amy!!! That would make me soooo happy!!! I've only seen them at one shop so far and I bought all 5 colours that they had! hahaI shall email you/love you forever xxx

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