think of a wonderful thought…

…any merry little thought… 
I may be overdosing on chai latte’s and childhood Disney movies (again!), but with 4 more sleeps till my birthday (and as many days off! Woohoo!) I thought I’d share what’s making my Happy List this week…
 strawberries and double cream 

Chai latte’s! My new addiction (replacing coffee? Never…)

 wonderful mail from lovely ladies ❀

 ebay purchases!!

 …containing lovely PYREX!!! πŸ˜€

 (& today I purchased the missing bowl for my set!! SQUEE!)

 My fineries finally arriving!

 cuppy cakes 

 Finding washi tape!! (and buying all 5 colours!)

pretty little flowers in lovely little glasses

Also making my happy list (without the pictures! sad!) are hugs, lovely emails from lovely people, edible gifts (think strawberry & white chocolate muffins with a caramelised base! YUM!),  cheese rolls & bubble baths…

What’s making your happy list this week?

3 thoughts on “think of a wonderful thought…

  1. Thanks lovelies! πŸ™‚ it's definitely brightened my week!And Rikki – Thank you so much for the lovely letter! It really did make my day!! :)xxx

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