Birthday Drinks

My girlfriends decided that birthday need to be celebrated (& of course, they’re correct!) so we headed out to grab a couple of drinks and have a bit of a chat…
Well… I should have known what this would mean, but I really was set on us only having a couple of drinks…

I think the best way to show our night is from the photos:

The mister managed to grab a photo of us all dolled up & ready to go


This time we managed to pose for a couple of photos while our couple of drinks seemed to multiply…


There was dancing in the streets (literally), & the girls began speaking french after the above pictured dude said something to them in a foreign language (not french)…
I filmed the entire thing, laughing hysterically & dropping my camera several times…& as much as I would love to share it…lets just say Jess & Grace may kill me (love yoooou!)

Once we got back to my place we seemed to really go crazy… 150 photos were taken, 6 of which I will share (the others? Many are blurry, most are completely unflattering…& the rest are just strange!)

We did have a wonderful night, & I can’t wait to do it again soon ❤

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