for the love of pyrex!

I dream of a Pyrex collection like no other.
With mismatched mixing bowls, casserole dishes, nesting bowls and mugs all stacked high and neat in a colourful display…kind of like these ones here…
I wish I had a Pyrex collection like this lady
My darling little Pyrex bowl arrived today, making my nesting bowls a complete set! ❤
It’s the tiniest little thing ever (& the mister says it’s useless) but I think he’s perfect for mixing different coloured icing for my cupcakes!

Not to mention it matches perfectly with my previous thrift store find of the lovely daisy casserole divided dish 🙂

They’re just so versatile, pretty and sturdy, how can you not love them?!
On my pyrex wish list are some of the following items (or basically anything pretty that I can find!)

 The Amish butterprint in white and turquoise

The kitschy friendship bowl ❤

these morning blue milk glass cups

and these snowflake dishes ❤

Anyone else in the grips of a Pyrex obsession? Any cures? 😉

6 thoughts on “for the love of pyrex!

  1. They're just so pretty!I'd be in an even bigger world of trouble if I lived in the USA – as vintage pyrex seems to be wherever you turn & at obscenely low prices!! ;)I know what you mean Holly – the pyrex I grew up knowing was a weird transparent brown…?! heheheNothing like these prettiesxxx

  2. It's cute. I love my tiny bowls. They're perfect portion control for things like a scoop of ice cream or cottage cheese. They're also good for pouring dipping sauces into. I use mine for pancake syrup all the time!

  3. Very cute pyrex! I love it too – I actually have the yellow set in that top picture with the yellow flowers. It has 4 bowls in the little set and I use them all the time. I see lots of ebay but the postage makes it so crazy expensive to buy, sigh.

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