4 simple goals (before 2011…)

image from Elsie

The lovely Elsie (of RedVelvetArt) has come up with the “4 Simple Goals” project, & since I’m all about lists I had to get in on it. Basically you choose 4 goals you want to complete by the end of the year & by blogging about them we can all help motivate and inspire one another! I love it! ❤ 
(Check Elsie’s post for the full guidelines)

No.1: Get out of my postcode (zipcode) bubble! 
Not only have I lived in the same apartment for 7 years (yikes!) but I’ve worked across the road for 3 1/2 years…that’s a lot of time spent in the one area! I live above a shop on a street full of shops, so everything I need is right at my doorstep…(actually, I should change this goal to “leave my street at least once every week” hehe) There is so much of this beautiful city just waiting to explore & I really need to push out of my comfort zone and live!
My reward for this will be the simple fact that I’m exploring new places, meeting new people and expanding my boundaries ❤

No.2: Clean my desk
Though this seems simple enough, my desk has not seen the light of day for quite some time now & it’s crying out for an intervention! As soon as I clear a space I find a new pile of something to fill it…which leads to me slouched uncomfortably on the couch trying to work & achieving nothing! 
My project to-do list has ben growing daily & I need the space (& the organisation!) to begin putting all my plans into action 🙂

No.3: Use my Gocco machine
I bought my poor Gocco on ebay over 2 years ago now and it didn’t even leave the box for the first year (i’m bad, I know!) Now that he’s sitting pretty out of his box along with all the inks, bulbs and screens stacked neatly next to him I just need to bust out a design & start printing! (having a clean desk would help too! hehe)

No.4: Write!!!
Writing was always my first love. I filled journals, math books, diaries, scrap paper, napkins…anything I could write on, I would! Not only did it bring me so much joy, but it allowed me to express myself by having a creative release. I need that now more then ever, so bringing writing back into my life is so very important! 🙂

There we go, 4 simple goals to bring happiness and joy to everyday of my life! 🙂
Weee 🙂
Have you joined in the 4 simple goal project? Share a link to your post – I’d love to read it! ❤

4 thoughts on “4 simple goals (before 2011…)

  1. This sounds like a good idea! I did a "writing diet" last year, and during it, you had to write 3 pages of whatever came into your head first thing in the morning. It really helped me organize my thoughts and un-clutter my head. And it helped me see more clearly what I wanted to focus on in my little daily life. It's called The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size by Julia Cameron. I know it's about dieting, but it helps you open up to your creativity, so it might be worth checking out. I thought it was fun. Good luck with your goals!

  2. Thank you so much Nicole! 🙂 That sounds incredible! I've got my notebook next to my bed so I might try and write something as soon as I wake. I've been writing just before I fall asleep (which has been 2-3am of late) so it's a lot of messy rambles! hehex

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