A few pictures from my trip…

I’m visiting my folks at the moment & almost forgot that I had to vote! Eeeps!
Since I’m interstate, I had to go to a “special” polling booth…(which I was only told after waiting in a stupid queue for 15minutes! Gahhh!) So my folks were having to drive me around everywhere…joy!
I got my hair done (as I do whenever I go home) & please excuse the cheesy face – My mama was against me getting my fringe back, and this way my “hey, check out my new hair!” pic for her! πŸ˜‰ hehehe
 My girlfriend gave me the most incredible journal – It’s called “101 Dreams” and it prompts you to dream big &  list out 101 of your biggest dreams/goal, and then gives you the pages to go through (over time) & write out ways to make those dreams a reality! ❀
It’s exactly what I was after!
I then came across this gorgeous blue dress & it had to come home with me! I’ve decided it must be my new favourite colour (Even the lovely Laura is planning on painting her rooms in this shade! Squeee!!) It’s my birthday present to myself ❀
Well, my night has been filled with baking and watching the election…
 cuppycakes in Mama’s spiffy oven
 It’s been such a bizarre day/night…I’ve never watched an election before, and after the past 4 hours (yes!! 4 hours!!) of watching, I’ve just realized that there isn’t going to be an outcome?! Say WHAT?!! That’s like watching a film that doesn’t have an ending! Ahhhh!!! I feel so confused!!
Well friends – how are your weekends going??
Tell me what I’m missing (most likely all your blogs! I will catch up, I promise!)
Big loves

10 thoughts on “A few pictures from my trip…

  1. Your hair really does look SO GOOD!! Pretty girl. That journal is pretty freakin' sweet as well. What a wonderful idea. Also, that dress is BEAUTIFUL!! And thanks for the link up!! Hooray for turquoise! xoxoxox!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! I got the gorgeous Momji you sent me.. I have always though they were so cute and I am seriously going to start collecting them now!!! Your postcard with it was gorgeous and Ive been stalking the shop (the addy was on it) all day for some!! Thank you sooo much. You seriously made my day!!! Love love love!!!xoxo,Lindsay

  3. Thanks ladies <3I love the journal Jadey! ❀ ❀ and I got the dress from Myer if you can believe it??! It's a cue dress! Loves!!Lindsay I'm so glad you liked it!! :Dxxx

  4. Happy Birthday! Cupcakes, a dream journal, and a pretty dress…looks like you had a good one. You make me miss my bangs. You look adorable with your new haircut. I have so many letters to get to…I promise I'll send you out one soon!

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