(belated)a day (or 3) in photos – roadtrips

Back in June, the mister and I headed off to the country on a little road trip…

It was incredible & I still can’t believe it took us so long to head away for a weekend! (note to self – plan another weekend away…pronto!)
I posted a few iphone pics with promises of a proper post with proper photos… & I just realised that I never followed through on that promise…so here they are! 

We stayed at The End of the Line b&b in The Signal Box – an actual signal box from the late 1800’s!! It was such a lovely setting, though the silence was deafening! I loved it though! 
We played scrabble, drank yummy wine, tea and ate mint slices! Mmm! ❤ The winter air crept right through the old wooden walls though – even with the heater on full it was freezing!

The original signal box shelf

signal box switchboard
old-timer photos ❤
morning journalling
sheepies grazing
see! It really was at the end of the line!

(the squiggly lines in the background are bats! There were thousands of them!)
the fact that they needed a sign saying this worries me! I mean…really?!
Homeward bound…(until next time)

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