What 1am looks like

What does 1am look like for you friends?
If you’re lucky, it’s the inside of your eyelids as you lay peacefully sleeping…

What does it look like for me?
Well…tonight would be:

icing a batch of mini cupcakes for a friends birthday 
(which was yesterday…or technically speaking… 2 days ago)
 washing the dishes
 sewing a patchwork quilt
 (also a gift for the cupcakes receiving friend that was supposed to be finished 2 days ago)
 while taking badly angled photos of the clock to show it’s 1am…
 …followed by photos of the microwave clock to prove it really is 1am, not just my lack of photo skills

Did I mention that i’m attempting to do all of these things at once?
Oh yes – multi-tasker to the max (&/or unable to concentrate from severe lack of sleep & really really forgetful…? Yea, that sounds more like it!)

Annnd I’ve already brushed my teeth (since I did think I was going to bed), so this perfectly delicious looking bowl of icing is going to be wasted…
Who does that?! Oh yea, that’s right…me! πŸ˜‰

Then add to that the fact that i’m actually blogging this right now…
and that, ladies & gentlemen, is what 1am looks like for me.

Care to share your 1am?
(if it’s sleep, then i’m rather jealous!)

Night folks

2 thoughts on “What 1am looks like

  1. This post is so cute!! I love that you're all over the place at 1 am much like I am. And yes, those cupcakes look so tasty!! And TINY!! Oh adorable. Hope you're having a lovely day over there in the Outback! πŸ™‚

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