Finding & Keeping

I found this picture of Jules & I on the Design Files this morning & couldn’t stop giggling! (Note my giggling self in the photo too….me giggling?? neverrrrr!)

There’s also a great article about the Finders Keepers market, with lots of lovely pictures (including one of my friend !! How cute is she??!) & links to all of the fun stalls that were there.
Definitely worth a look!

I’ll be back in the coming days with some of the pics I took from the weekend & i’ll share some of the goodies I snapped up (though I must warn you…I didn’t actually buy that much! 😦 I’m heartbroken! I had such high hopes of a wild spending spree, but I managed to find myself rather over whelmed by all the goodness available! Sadface!)

So until then, here are a few more pictures I’ve found of my friends at Finders Keepers! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

 Jules by

Daisy by

Gracie & Shannon

annnd more Jules


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