Daily Outfit & Hail Storms

The rain hasn’t let up at all today!
So much for spring (not that i’m complaining…crazy winter-weather-lover here!)
Along with the rain, the temperature has dropped to our good old winter lows…
& did I mention the hail??!

This is my version of snow, so i’m loving it!

With all the footpaths around my apartment turning into streams, gumboots were the only sensible choice! (A waterproof jacket would have been another sensible choice…but with vintage shopping on my mind, I only had time for one!)

Gumboots: Steve Madden
High waisted jeans: Sportsgirl
Singlet: Forever 21 (not shown)
Cardi: Sportsgirl (not shown)
Coat: Vintage – my Nan’s ❤
Scarf: Forever 21 Mens
Puppy wears her favourite Gummi Pets colour (it glows in the dark! weee!)

My vintage shopping wasn’t as successful as I had hoped 😦
I did scoop up a darling vintage purse though!
it must be love ❤

Sleepy times for me
(yay!! The hail has started again! Pretty sure nothing beats the sound of hail on a tin roof <3)
Night folks


2 thoughts on “Daily Outfit & Hail Storms

  1. I love it!The roof next to us is tin, and all the shop awnings around us are tin…but ours isn't tin 😦 buttt – we manage to hear the lovely sound surrounding us! ❤ x

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