Finders Keepers Market Day One

I’ve never worked at a market before, so I really had no idea what to expect when I rolled up to help out at the Pigeonhole stall (which, if I may say, looked amazing! Go us!)

I was most definitely hoping for coffee…which sadly didn’t occur due to the machine breaking very early in the morning & never being repaired!
 (there were almost tears! seriously!!) 
This may explain the complete lack of photos (Just wait till day 2!), but nevertheless, I present a snap shot of Finders Keepers Day one through my eyes…

Hiiii Julie! 
 Jules stealing some cookies
 all neat & tidy
 the madness begins
 giant rubix cube..?
 yummy old school toffee from the Frankie stall 
(I proceeded to drop this shortly after I took the photo! sadface!)
hiii people
 Miss Julie (may I just state that this was towards the end of the day…& we had NO coffee!!!)
The End
(of day one…)


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