Finders Keepers Market Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of the Finders Keepers Market!
This time I took twice the amount of photos, but I won’t bore you too much, I promise!

Today was a good day! 🙂

First off – the coffee machine was fixed!! (Hooraaaay!!! Celebration and salutations galore!!) It was the first place I ventured to secure some caffeine to prepare us for the madness…& while it almost took half an hour to get…it was some mighty fine coffee!

We also had visit’s from Jules’ Mister (who bought us nice cold beer! Thank you sir!) & pups Chester!  ❤ ❤ Ahhhdorable!!!

So now let me bombard you with photos
 We armed ourselves with toffees straight off the bat
 (which maybe made me a little batty…?)
pretty Pigeonhole
Now…I told Jules to go wild with my camera and take some photos of her friends….
she took 2 photos…!
 (note to everyone…if you tell me to go wild with your camera, be afraid!)

Ok…so maybe she took this photo of me as well…
 so a grand ol’ total of three photos!

(but I still love you! <3) 
 (even when you do this & I can’t! heeheee)
 This was the view from our stall…kind of pretty and peaceful
 the lovely Gracie helping out at the Rabbit and the Duck stall
(Shannon hid from the camera! sadface!)
 Jules being swamped with customers while I stood and took photos 😉
 Deb popped in for a visit (and fell in love with a lovely Pigeonhole bag!)
Thank you to Jules for enlisting me to help at Finders Keepers and a big Hiiii to all of the lovely people I met! It was mad and crazy but loads of fun!
I’m definitely looking forward to more market days (*hinthint* McJules! ahheeeeheee!)

Big Loves

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