I’ve got the Blues

At the risk of sounding like a broken record…
I need help!
Vintage dress shopping on etsy is becoming a very real obsession, but I guess I am being pretty sensible considering… (ie: I may spend a lot of time looking and “favourite”-ing dresses, but I am very careful with hitting that add to cart button!)

Last night was a different story! I was searching for vintage dresses (ok, so that was the same story! hehe) when I noticed a vintage blue coat with fur collar. I began admiring it…when I saw the price & went into a (relatively short-lived) panic.
It was not only affordable, but ridiculously affordable!!
She had to be mine!!

This beauty had just been listed, & I was already imagining myself traipsing through the snow this Christmas (yes!! White Christmas for me – I’ll leave that for a later post!)
I did a quick check on the measurements, asking the mister to measure the length against my arms to make sure i wouldn’t have bare wrists…

and in under five minutes, my purchasing frenzy was complete!

Winter wonderland joy, here I come!

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