Pumpkin Craving in 6 easy steps

step one: find a pumpkin that isn’t too big (& unlike most pumpkins here, can be carved without breaking your arm off!)

step two: look online & find a face for your lil pumpkin man (or woman…)
Naturally I went straight to Martha Stewart & ogled all the beautiful “haunted houses” & “owl scratchings”…but if you’ve never carved a pumpkin before…don’t over do it! Start small (ie the face below) and work up to your masterpiece!
(in saying that, the mister worked very hard at convincing me to choose classic scary face over some grand sketching…)
step three: cut off the top and scoop the insides out
now…this step took me a lot longer then I first imagined, so maybe set yourself up in front of the tv while you go
step four: stick mister pumpkins face to him with pretty tape and make sure it’s even
step five: poke pin holes through above face until you have an outline of where to crave on mister pumpkin (like below)
step six: set him up in your window (or mantle) and gaze lovingly at your handiwork! 
Happy Halloween 

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Craving in 6 easy steps

  1. hahahawell this is the first year I've seen proper "carving" pumpkins – last time I tried (over 10 yrs ago!) with normal pumpkins it took me hooouuurssss!!x

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