Happy Halloweenies!

Happy Halloween lovelies! ❤

How was your day? What did you dress up as?
I’m sicker then sick, plus I had to work today…so my Minnie Mouse outfit was difficult… seeing as I rubbed off my mouse nose within seconds 😉
I did get to wear polka dots & big ears (though I don’t have a photo of me wearing my big ears! sadface!) rather then my usual work uniform
Halloween isn’t really a big deal here…at all! 
No one dresses up, no one carves pumpkins, no trick or treating…! This year was the first year that “halloween pumpkins” have actually been available – no wonder people actually enjoy carving pumpkins! Last time I attempted (in high school) it took us 4 hours to carve the silly things! Exhausting!! 

I’m sure we looked completely out of place & kind of crazy all dressed up, but it was super fun! 🙂

What does Halloween mean for you? 
Do you dress up? Carve pumpkins? Have parties? Trick or treat?
I’d love to hear

Happy Halloween

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