other october-ings

i managed to miss posting some of my favourite photos from this past month, so i thought i’d do a bit of an october photo round up post! 

 champagne with the girls
 meeting little mister chester drawers! (check out the size of those paws!!)
trying somewhere new 😉
 Gracie looking a tad too cool 😉
i don’t know what this drink was called, but it tasted like chocolate dipped strawberries! sooo yum!
 miss julie
 happy that our favourite thai takeaway is now a mini restaurant! score!
sunny drinking days…
 …outside teeny tiny bars…
(… and the mess that we make…!)
 lovely Jess ❤
then there’s the nights that go on & on…
 with camera’s at the ready
 …& hugs for all

Happy October-ings

2 thoughts on “other october-ings

  1. Thanks lovely! It's actually just me ;)Was uploading some pictures to draft posts from xmas & noticed a whole pile of blog posts in draft! clearly was not thinking in the lead up to my holiday so just posted them in their latenessx

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