Etsy Lust Files

Yesterday I received the most gorgeous vintage dress in the mail!!

I’d been waiting anxiously for this one to arrive to see if I finally understood vintage dress sizes and how they relate to me! (My first vintage dress purchase, though stunning, showed me that I shouldn’t purchase in the middle of the night…I read the bust measurement as the hips & vice versa…so the dress & I aren’t meant to be! super sadface)

Not only is  it stunning, but it fits like a glove! Squeeee! It’s a 3 piece set – dress, matching belt & jacket – & i’ve decided it’s my Christmas Day dress! (plus it folds up all teeny tiny, which I need since I won’t be here for Christmas! More on that later! 😉 hehe)

Of course, this may have sent me into a bit of an etsy frenzy…

So last night as I was going to bed I decided to be good & fill out my etsy feedback…when I clicked the wrong button (*coughs*) and ended up on my etsy profile with all of my favourite shops just staring back at me…turns out one of them had a sale…& I kind of couldn’t resist…?!!!

this beautiful black cocktail dress
this black tea hat
& this circle swirl cream tea hat 
(which was actually the first item I ever put as a favourite on etsy! <3)

See! My etsy addiction is reaching crazy new heights!
(but i’m loving it!)

Anyone know a cure for an etsy addiction? (or at least some new shops for me to spend my money in? hehe)


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