Winter Wonderland, Holiday Happiness & a Giveaway!

Etsy’s current treasury makes my heart sing for many reasons, the number one being that this year I get to celebrate a White Christmas!!!!! (exclamation points just don’t cut it!! eeeeee!!!)

I am a sucker for snow, I always have been! 

My first ever snow memory was of my 5 year old self waking up to my parents hushed whispers that it was snowing outside! We were staying upstairs at my Nan’s house in England on a family vacation & I couldn’t get down that rickety staircase quickly enough! Of course, the snow had turned to rain before I managed to make it outside, so my parents are left with footage of me running around in my pj’s at 6am in the rain! Hah!

Still, snow makes me giddy! That happy, silly, childlike feeling that I hope never goes away!

The last time I had a White Christmas was 8 years ago, before I met Mike & when I was living in Vancouver, Canada. I’d been away from my family for 9 months & it was really showing, so they flew over (from Australia) to surprise me – needless to say it was one of the most magical times ever! ❤
That year was one of the warmest winter’s ever, but I was just told that this year Vancouver is preparing for one of the coldest winter’s for over 50 years!!! Ahhhhh!! I’m in Winter baby heaven! ❤

So I’ll be spending Christmas & New Year in a magical Winter Wonderland with my family (with another very White occasion occurring in between!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!) before we head off on a one month trip around the USA 🙂

Now, this is where I need your help!

Mike and I will be travelling for 2 weeks on the West Coast, possibly driving from Vancouver down to San Francisco, (weather permitting!), then the next 2 weeks I’ll be travelling solo…but I don’t know where!
Basically, one month of travel has not yet been planned & I would love some input, helpful hints & your must-see’s to make my trip amazing! My options are open as to where I go – I’ve got friends over on the east coast that I haven’t seen in years, so I’m hoping to pencil that in…
Plus did I mention I want to go here
yes please!!! ❤
Tell me your favourite places to go, the things I must try & anything else you think will add to my trip…and as a thank you, someone will get a few of my favourite things – wrapped up all pretty like! ❤

  • M-cup measuring cups (the cute as pie nesting cups I blogged about in my Cookie Requests post!)
  • a set of reindeer tea towels
  • a super cute momiji doll
  • an Alice weekly schedule diary (my gf bought me one of these last Christmas & I loved it!)
  • & some surprise vintage goodies ❤

Make sure to leave your name & email too, so I can get in touch with you if you win! 🙂
(for extra entries spread the word via twitter or mention it via your blog…& make sure you leave a separate comment to let me know!)

I’ll draw a name at random on December 1st! 
edit: crazy times have kind of taken over my world at the moment, & as a result, the competition is staying open till December 14th (sorry for the delay in posting -I’ve been out of town & internet-less!)

Thanks lovelies

9 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland, Holiday Happiness & a Giveaway!

  1. I love snow so much too! How fun, a whole month to travel!! 2 weeks won't be much time to cover the US though. Sadly, I don't travel much (even in the US) do I don't have much to offer you in the way of things to do. One thing that comes to mind? You should definitely make a stop at the new Red Velvet Art shop in Springfield, Missouri! You should look up shows you want to see for sure in the areas you plan to visit. I'm not sure if it will be open yet, but the Central Park Ice Rink would be fun to go to in New York. I hope you have a great time!!!!!nicole–

  2. Wohoo! Vancouverites past and present unite~ And yes, we will be having a cold winter. the snow came a few days early too, and it still hastn' gone. I'm expecting a snowed in christmas! Hm… well, there's always Bodyworks at Science world to check out, plus the usual christmas light viewing festivals in downtown/yaletown/everywhere. There's also the circle craft fair, where local handmade christmas crafts are sold. Have you ever been to it? I don't travel much outside of vancouver though, so I don't have any advice for other places…As for my favorite place… i don't really have one in vancouver. Maybe home. le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  3. You should definitely stop in Portland, OR and visit Powells Books. It's the biggest book store I have ever encountered…and honestly you could probably spend the whole day there. I think it's one of my favorite places in the whole word :)

  4. Hmm I haven't travelled there much, but if you've never been to Seattle that is a MUST DO!!! Especially in the winter season! You have to go to Pike's Place fish market (and other lovely things besides fish) and the walk-up starbucks downtown…AND Kerri park at night to see the lights across the water. Oh my gosh. Or…Seaside Oregon is so gorgeous, I imagine the beach in winter is beautiful!

  5. yes, go through Portland and Seattle on your way to SF (and tell me when you're in San Francisco!). elsewhere: have you thought about the Southwest (Arizona or New Mexico) or the deep South? would be a cultural experience for sure.

  6. anywhere in the US? chicago art museums, street art & musicians, deep dish pizza, the lake. new york city? (i haven't been )but many of the same reasons as chicago except new york pizza, broadway,fashion, rockefeller center. great christmas displays & window shopping right now in both chicago & ny.i love san fran especially the haight.there's graffiti art, thrift stores & amoeba music store (my idea of music heaven). seattle has some arty stuff. portland,oregon is bohemian like yet political. it's just so gloomy grey & overcast. seattle is like that too. i love new orleans. i was there before & after's still fab! the weather should be good in new orleans now. there's great food, awesome galleries, & street art, street performers, lots of live music on bourbon don't have to pay covers just walk in & out of any of the bars. i was just in austin, tx in oct. the weather will be a lot better there right now.i'm saying stuff i like.what you into?

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