early Vancouver mornings

We’re on super limited time here in Vancouver (ie: 2 nights) before we’re Whistler bound for all the festivities (Christmas, wedding, new year…) so we were up (not so)bright and (very!)early for a day of exploring my one time home.
first stop was coffee (of course!) with 3 of my most favourite people
then down to the waterfront where we played around with my new camera functions
(see little brother in shot…twice!)
the mister stared at the giant pixelated killer whale
…while i took more photos of my feet…with a maple leaf print in shot 
(well i am in Canada!)
the pretty house boats stole my heart
the 3 trees i walked through everyday on my way to work are still standing! ❤
we walked all around Stanley Park
…and snapped a few panoramic pics! 😉

The early morning was so worth it though…i mean, check out the breakfast we filled up on afterwards
(well, this is the breakfast i filled up on! hehehe)

hope you have a happy day

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